Lina Jonikė

The Techniques and Topics in Lina Jonike Works:
Lina Jonike ( born in 1969) teaching students the disciplines of embroidery at Kaunas Art University is a conceptual embroiderer. The experiments of artistic expression Lina started embroidering bodies i.e. body photos printed on a cloth. A portrayed nude body (or covered with a cloth) is like an empty canvas where the artist with the help of a needle creates an illusionary destiny of a man. For work “Arnotas” at an international Kyoto exhibition-contest Lina Jonike was awarded with an “Excellence Award”.
The main goal from the very start of the creation for Lina is the search of identity which is revealed in different works. Some of them are embroidered on canvas while others create only illusion of a traditional needlework. Especially intrigues her decision to create a nude body covered with an embroidered coat, a towel or a band on a transparent slab of plastic detached from the base of a photo. The first work using such technique was fulfilled in 2001 in “Textile and Me”. Diptych “Rupintojelis I” and “Rupintojelis II” has become an iconography representing Lina’s style.
TO BE but not TO LOOK LIKE is becoming an artistic axiom of Lina Jonike.
A raging young body and romantic embroidered band in “Sirenos” (2001-2002) is outweighed with subtle meek sensibility of senility in “Architectural Monument” (2007)
Family relations (especially romantic), national identity and history of Lithuania, conflicts of generations or passive relations, memories are the most important topics for Lina Jonike. Sometimes she can be even accused of a great dose of sentimentality which is very natural.
Aesthetics, personal relation with a created story, experience and always a secret are the most important key words for Lina’s creative work.

By Virginija Vitkiene, Doctor of Study of Art